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sakaguchinobu in yochicken

I don't even care if this makes no sense.

Credit: baidu

Title: Moments.
Pairing: SeungHo/Joon
A/N: JoonHo has officially stolen my sleep for today with all these amazing updates coming up one after another :D 

SeungHo watches as ChangSun grumbles and starts his laptop up. The leader takes in his sluggish movements, the yawns he tries to keep in, the hunched shoulders.


Just thirty minutes, Joon-ah. That's all I ask for.”


SeungHo holds his breath when ChangSun slowly turns to stare at him. Not long after, ChangSun breaks into a soft smile and he moves to pull SeungHo into his arms.


Your plan sucks. And I miss you too, hyung.”

Inspired by this:

I heard that you told Joon to play games at least one hour a day after you gave him a game console.
Seung Ho: I didn't buy it for him but instead gave him one of mine because I had so many and it seemed like Joon really wanted one.
INTERVIEWER: Does he still make you play it at least one hour a day?
Joon: No, I don't think I can. It has caused much conflict.
Seung Ho: That's why I reduced it to 30 minutes.
Joon: I think it was yesterday or the day before where he had a really angry look on his face and was telling me to play games (laugh) and he didn't go to sleep until I did.
Seung Ho: I usually sleep early but I haven't been able to get much sleep because I'm making sure he plays games. (laugh) He can play any game he likes just as long he plays it.

Credit: tumblr