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tomosuki in yochicken

the one with Mio in it.

Title: Numbers and Games
Pairing: MioGata (LOL), MioHei, KeiPSP, implied KeiRyo


Keita looks up at Ryuichi's cherubic face and the twinkling pair of eyes set in it.

"Can I have Mio's number? PLEAAAAAAAAAASE?"

Without a word, the vocalist returns to kicking alien ass on his playstation.

"Oh come onnnnnn," Ryuichi whines, tugging at Keita's arm, jiggling it in all possible directions before finishing with a great big pout. Keita, meanwhile, maintains his glassy stare at the tv, face expressionless, betraying naught an indication of the rather vigorous abuse. Ryuichi relents and releases the arm.

"................'s Ryohei who wants it anyway," Ryuichi whispers loudly into his ear. Louder than that, however, is the thud of Keita's console as it hits the ground.

Ryohei, perched quietly on the sofa and manga in hand, turns a deep shade of crimson. He opens his mouth to perhaps defend himself but finds no words. The boy stutters for a long time before suddenly becoming very engrossed with his own toes. Keita's eyes never leave him, gaze just as intent as it had previously been on the game.

Face flushed, in glaring contrast to his usual pallor, Ryohei eventually manages to stammer "I.. ERRR..," before running off to the sanctuary of his room, slamming the door behind him. And then locking it.

Amused chuckles soon fill the living room, Keita's, after his leader's awkward exit, but Ryuichi remains silent. The whole hitting-on-Keita's-little-sister thing is new. He's not too sure how his friend will take it and what he'll do next.

"Mio-chan and Ryohei huh?" Keita tilts his head to the side, considering it. "That's not so bad," he concludes finally, scooping up his console before promptly going back to gaming.

Barely a second goes by then he finds his nose in the carpet just as small, angry feet stomp on him. He yelps and dives to avoid sofa-pillow-armed-Ryuichi's smack attacks.




ilu lol

this was very amusing <333 i can imagine that really happening XD
ilu2! And thanks for reading! ;D

i can just see them doing that.....

thanks! that made my day a little better...

oh oh oh... and KeiPSP.... LOLZ.... weirdest OTP ever....^^;
You're welcome!! ♥ *hugsssss*

There should also be KeiSoccer, KeiFood, KeiUnzippedPants, etc. That guy OTPs with practically everything! xD
note to self: read before commenting 8D


we are the sole two shippers. \:D/ I THINK. ♥ and miogata wtf i love that.

awww, ryu was rejected by the big brother! poor baby~
we are the sole two shippers. \:D/ I THINK. ♥

short guy and tall girl love~~~