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sakaguchinobu in yochicken

Oh my ChunJae~

The car pulls up by the gates, and YooChun waits as JaeJoong turns the radio down and shifts in his seat to face him.
“Don’t stay up all night with your songs YooChun-ah, and remember to set the alarm an hour earlier cause God knows it takes ages for you to wake up and don’t forget to charge your phone and don’t skip meals and…”
YooChun unbuckles his seat-belt and moves to pull the rambling youth into his arms. He chuckles softly as JaeJoong goes quiet against the cotton of his shirt and tightens his hold on the other when broad shoulders start to tremble.
“Nothing’s changed, hyung…”
“But YooChun-ah…”
Screams fill the air and they pull away from each other instantly, JaeJoong wiping furiously at his eyes and YooChun turning away to look out the windows at the hordes of fans approaching the car.
“Well, you better get going…” JaeJoong whispers and YooChun shifts his gaze to his hands on his lap.
“Goodnight, YooChun-ah…”
YooChun smiles back and hugs the other one last time before forcing himself out of the car. The fans scream frantically as he pushes through them to get to the gates and he’s blinded by the flashes as he closes the wooden doors behind him and he turns back to find that the car’s already gone.
His mother and brother go back to sleep and he walks up the spiral stairs to his room, second door to the right, and plops himself on his bed. He reaches into his back-pocket and pulls out a silver key that gleams from the light in the hallway. He turns to his side a moment later and tosses the key over to the other bed in the room.
“Goodnight, hyung…”
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