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sakaguchinobu in yochicken


A/N: Whatever is in Japanese..was supposed to be in Chinese. *shot*

HanKyung tears his gaze away from the korean notes in his hands and finds JaeJoong leaning by the door, hands flailing about in greeting.
“Hey JaeJoong!.” He invites the other in with his arms open and the other barrels straight into his embrace. A moment passes before they part and HanKyung smiles at the shine in the younger boy’s eyes.
“So what’s up, JaeJoong?”
HanKyung blinks.
“Did I say it right, hyung? Did you understand what I just said?”
The Chinese man breaks into laughter and nods his head.
“Who taught you that JaeJoong? And why are you even learning Chinese?”
JaeJoong lets out a sigh of relief and grins.
“SiWon did. And I’m learning just cause…”
HanKyung shakes his head, amused, and wonders how SiWon even knew Chinese. Right then, JunSu slips his head through the door and calls out for JaeJoong, saying something about being late for dance practice and JaeJoong moves to walk away.
“Well, I guess I’ll see yo…”
HanKyung stares after the retreating figure. A last glance backwards, and he manages to catch pink sweeping through full cheeks before the door closes, and HanKyung beams.