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sakaguchinobu in yochicken

I need therapy O.O

A/N: I just read in the forums that JaeJoong is supposedly dating that girl from Perfume who dislikes guys who pay excessive attention to their hair. And here I thought he liked Koreans : /  ( Nothing's confirmed so don't chew my head off! IT'S JUST A RUMOUR FOR NOW! )
So anyways, the ChunJae-fangirl in me got all emo and this is what she came up with. >.>
Say hello to the random paparazzi-man! ^^/

It hits him hard.
Those stolen glances, those silent promises of forever in every smile offered, those eyes so full of love.
It hits him hard, that they were all only in his head.
He stares at the man in front of him, looks into the other’s eyes and searches desperately for himself. He drowns in those dark pools, and he fights to stay submerged…but it’s all in vain.
“I really love her, YooChun-ah. I really want this to work out…”
“It…will, hyung. It will all end well…don’t worry.”
He manages, breathless, and his hand drops to his side. And the broken pieces of his heart slip through his shirt.
A soft smile, a warm hug, and the man is gone.
He hangs up, stares at his phone and wonders where he has heard that voice before. A honk from behind him startles him back to reality, and he grabs his camera on reflex and steps off of the road a moment later.
…Italian restaurant by the corner. Be there.

The curtains are drawn, the doors are shut, the covers are pulled up to their chins. A sob, a sniffle, and YooChun smiles into soft, silky hair.

“It’s okay hyung, I’m here for you…”


author needs therapy

I said NO~NO~NO~

Is he fighting to stay submerged as he drowns in the dark pools that are JaeJoong's eyes?
HAHAHA Nice one dude~ ^^

-sigh- Yes~ *floats on her ChunJae cloud*